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All our websites are mobile responsive.  What does this mean?  It means that our webdesigning can be viewed perfectly, no matter what device someone is using (Android, iPhone, Tablet, etc), they can easily read your website.  Since more and more people are utilizing their cell phones to look up companies, then this alone is HUGE!

No two websites are alike or even similar.  A Landscaper in Florida will not have the same website as a Landscaper in Texas. We ensure that the framework has not been used for a same-type business.  And we have hundreds to choose from. Graphics, pictures, videos are all custom to the business owner.

Already have a website?  First thing is to verify that you, the business owner, actually own your URL / Domain Name.  

Your Site or a Lead-Generation Site?

At RMS we also have Lead-Generation websites that we "rent".  So who rents our sites?  New businesses for one.  They want and need customers fast and since our Lead-Gen sites all sit on page 1, it is worth the cost.  We simply tweak our Lead-Gen sites for that particular business.  Established business also rent our sites.  If they need more customers, then renting a page 1 site (especially if theirs is on page 3,4,5...) is exactly what they need.  Anyway, two sites are better than one!  We even have clients "rent" our Lead-Gen sites while we're working on theirs.  When theirs reaches page 1, we pull ours and let the business owner soar.

Our Lead-Gen sites are already on page 1 because we've filled them with everything we offer you.  Citations, Social Media, Links, Press Releases, and loads of content.  They are generic in nature, but you'll never be able to detect them if you tried. We've done our research, so we know what companies offer before we put up our sites.  Most are in the service industry; tree trimmers, carpet cleaners, pressure washers, fencing, plumbing, electricians, dog grooming, etc.  But we also have Lead-Gen sites for dentists, chiropractors, spas, fitness centers, lawyers, CPAs, and more.

Before you purchase a website:

Many website companies will build you a website then charge you for the use of the site.  Once you no longer want to do business with them, your website comes down and they own your domain name, so you can't use it anymore.  Often, they want to charge you an astronomical price for your domain name.

Here at RMS, our monthly charges are for top-of-the-line SEO only, not the use of your domain name or your own website. We limit you to a 6-month contract.  If at the end of the contract, you no longer want our services, then no hard feelings. We'll happily turn over to you the password, username, your domain name, and website.  You keep any pictures and/or videos that we put up for you.  We even give you instructions on how to change your password.  

Bold Statement

We are so sure that you will love what we've done and where your website is in the google ranking, that you'll re-up with us for another 6 months.

We can:

  • Make you a completely different website, linking your old one to the new one (and vice versa).  After all, two websites are better than one!
  • Optimize your existing website (SEO)
  • Optimize a new one w/local SEO services
  • Double check your links and fix any broken ones
  • Add your website URL to your Social Media
  • Get you a custom URL for your Social Media
  • Add behind the scene, everything you need to move your website's ranking up
  1.  Keyword rich photos
  2.  Keyword rich videos
  3.  Lots of original content
  4.  Local Business Directories

and so much more!