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Now the #3 Social Media platform (partly due to the President's usage).  Every business owner needs to be on Twitter.  Great for the here and now, but also great for announcing upcoming events.  We'll set it up and even Tweet 2x a week for 2 months.  After that, we'll turn it over to you.

Instagram is considered the "young persons" platform.  However, that doesn't mean that every business owner shouldn't take advantage of it.  Instagram is owned by Facebook. Instagram's platform allows it's users to "Shout Out".  What is this?  It's a way of advertising.....cheap. For about $10 for 6 hours, a person will allow you to post on their Instagram network to thousands of people during the peak times of the day.  Here at RMS, we'll set up your Instagram, find a few users that allow advertising, and post to them. We'll do this 2X a week for 30 days.

The #2 Social Media platform.  Customers are visual, so every business should have a YouTube video (or 3 or 4).  We'll set it up, complete with keywords, channel art, and videos.  Then we'll show you how to upload more videos.

This Social Media platform is in a class all itself.  This platform is THE place to be if you're a business owner.  It is not a place for telling people about your dog, kids or food.  It is not a place to rant and rave over the latest issue.  It is for businesses that want to reach other businesses.  Almost like virtually networking.  We'll not only set it up, but we'll also pick complimentary groups for your business to link with.  We'll post content and a video for you. We'll even show you how to stay in touch via your smartphone.

The #1 Social Media platform. If not done correctly, it can hurt your business more than help it.  We'll set it up or fix the one you have.  We'll post a video or two.  To get you started, we'll maintain it for you with weekly posts for the first 2 months.  Or we'll turn it over to you for you to keep up with.  At the end, we'll turn over reins and show you how to remove us from the Admin section.

Pinterest is the final Social Media platform, that as a business owner, helps get your name out there.  It's basically an online bulletin board(s) that let people know who you are and what you do.  We'll set it up with 5 boards with 3 pins each. We'll even link a video or two as well as the pins to your website.

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​    The BIG 7

Social Media is not going away.  Instead of fighting it, embrace it.  Consider it as "free" advertising.  At RMS, we'll be happy to set them all up for you and link them not only to your website but to each other.  We outsource Social Media posting, tweets, and pins to a reliable company who make sure that what is placed on the internet is relevant, but is also grammatically correct.  After all, you wouldn't want any misspelled words representing who you are.  Make Social Media part of your Marketing budget. 




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It was the #3 Social Media platform and was quickly rising but has now dropped into the #4 slot.  Still vitally important.  Setting up YouTube goes hand in hand with Google+.  We'll set it up and take care of your business getting the necessary reviews that move you up on Google's ranking.  We'll even add Circles to your Google+ page and connect your business to other Google+ pages.