What is SEO?

Without it, your website will sit back on page 6 or 8 or 10.  You have to have SEO (search engine optimization).  There are a lot of steps to do this, but we're up to the task.  At Rapid Media Solutions, we provide struggling businesses with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is surpassed by none.  Since we belong to an exclusive, private 2.9k member group of like-minded companies, we have access to all the below with ease.

SEO is a culmination of:


Backlinks happen when other businesses link a word(s) or phrase(s) back to your website.  If you’ve ever read an article online and saw that a phrase or word is blue.  This is an external backlink.  This allows the reader to click on the word or phrase and go directly to information outside the realm of the article being read.  There are also internal backlinks that work inside your website.

Business Citations

A Citation is when your business is registered (Cited) with companies or organizations that Google and Bing regard highly.  It is imperative that the citations be local.  After all, having your business registered in Europe does nothing for your ranking (unless you have a worldwide business).  I can actually hurt your rankings.  Some well-known Citations are Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, Chambers of Commerce, Google My Business, and hundreds more.  A minimum of 100 local business citations is optimal.  Some are free to join, others charge.  We hire an outside company to take on the tedious task of researching the best local companies, input all the information, and drip the registrations over 30-60 days.

Social Media Links

Getting your business on the top Social Media platforms is so important.  Social Media is not going away.  If anything, it is becoming more powerful than ever.  Just slapping up a Facebook page won’t cut it with Google.  At Rapid Media, we set up business pages with graphics, videos, and complete information.  We link Twitter to Facebook.  LinkedIn to your website and everything in between.  Every link that mentions your website, is a link back to it (see back-linking above).

Testimonials / Reviews 

Belonging to a 2.9k private community allows us to get positive reviews (testimonials) for your business.  Not only on your Facebook Page, YouTube videos, Google+ page, but on your Google My Business page, which is huge for your Google ranking.  We can even set you up with Instagram "shout outs" that bring hundreds of visitors to your website.


This is a process that tells Google and Bing that your business is legitimate.  This has to be completed before any testimonials to GMB or Bing Places can be entered.  This process can take anywhere from 2-10 weeks to register and get the infamous postcard with the verification code.  But once that code has been entered, your website is off and running!


Videos help your ranking also.  It doesn’t matter what type of video (animated, white board, educational, etc).  Since Google and Bing do not have eyes to watch your video, it must be saved with a keyword rich description.  Where you place them is important also.  YouTube is owned by Google, so that is a must.  But placing them on your Facebook page or on your Twitter feed gains you “points”.  Videos need to be no more than 2 - 3 minutes, as Google knows viewers won’t stick around much longer.


Using someone else’s pictures without permission will get you slapped quicker than anything.  At Rapid Media Solutions, we purchase high-quality pictures that are permitted to be used so we are always in compliance.  Each picture is compressed and in the background, labeled with your keywords so Google and Bing will know what the pictures are of and who they belong to.  It’s another way to raise your ranking. 



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