What You Should Know Before Hiring a 

Lead Generating Web Designer (LGWD)

1.  What is a Lead Generating Web Designer?

  • A Lead Generating Web Designer will design a website specific to a type of business (florist, dentist, carpet cleaner,  etc).  Then the business "rents" the website that has been optimized to the max.  The phone number listed will ring directly to the business.  It will have keyword rich content, keyword rich photos, and videos, backlinks, local business citations, influences (posts on other sites mentioning the website), reviews, referrals, social media, videos, and more.  This is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at its finest.  And it's a much more affordable way to get      leads than any other type of advertising or marketing.

.  Are they representing any other businesses that are in direct competition?

  • A reputable LGWD should be open to showing prospects lead generating websites that they've done.  These websites do not necessarily gauge how effective the LGWD is.  A good LGWD won't tell you who the leads are going to.  This is because most business owners do not want other business owners knowing that they are using a lead generating website to give them an edge, so privacy is usually part of their contract. 

3.  Do they have any experience or at least know how to improve local search results?

  • Being on page one of local search engine results is so important to any businesses. Businesses are trying to attract local customers/clients. You'll want to select an LGWD that knows what the process is but doesn't promise to get you there.

  • The LGWD's website should be is optimized for what's known as "local SEO." This allows their website to appear when someone nearby is searching for keywords that are relevant to that type of business. To achieve this, the LGWD should know to add the niche's city and state to both their website's title tags and metas.  They should also know how to research the competitor's keywords and acquire online directories (citations) that are in a specific geographical area. However, this must be done correctly or red flags will have both Bing and Google looking unfavorably at their sites.  At Rapid Media Solutions, we know exactly how to do this.       

  • Also, ask the web designer if they know what "off page" is.  This is a strategy to raise awareness of your site by utilizing other websites, blogs, social media platforms, videos, and press releases.  Some of these will allow backlinks to the website.

4.  Will they guarantee their lead generating website will get a #1 ranking on Google and/or Bing?

  • If the web designer says “yes”…..RUN!!!  It is impossible to guarantee a #1 ranking on any search engine, but there are those who do make such false guarantees.  If the web designer says they have an “in”, that should be a red flag.  Only the search engines themselves can rank a website.  A great web designer can help you rank by using backlinks, local business citations, reviews and much more.  At Rapid Media Solutions, LLC, we never make such promises.  We guarantee that we will try our darndest to get your site there, but only Google and Bing can make that happen.


5.  How can you measure the success of what your LGWD has done with their "rental" websites?

  • There's really no way to gauge.  After all, this is their site and they are renting it to you.  A good LGWD won't tell you where the leads are going, how much the site "renter" is paying, or how many leads they are getting.  After all, it the shoe was on the other foot, would you want your LGWD telling another business that you're getting leads through an additional site or how much you're paying?

  • The LGWD will put all types of backdoor analytics to see exactly how many phone calls were answered.  How many went unanswered.  How many opt-ins from the site.  They can even monitor whether the business answers the emails. The LGWD will then email their business owners each month, letting them know what the stats are.

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