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What You Should Know Before Hiring a

Lead Generating Web Designer (LGWD):

6.  What happens if you don't want to renew the "rental" service?

  • No harm.  The LGWD will simply remove the business' phone number and name from the backend.  This immediately stops any leads from going to the business.  The LGWD will then shop around for another like business to take on the lead generating website.  This is why businesses that want a lead generating site (or two, three or four) should always have a contract for a certain time period.  About a month before the contract is due to expire, the LGWD should contact the business to see if they want to carry on with the service without having to accrue a whole new set up fee or the LGWD could offer to sell the company the website.

7.  How often should you communicate with each other?  

  • As much as you want to know every single thing that is happening, it isn’t possible.  LGWDs could be working with numerous other companies as well as yours.  It is far better to set a telephonic appointment, say once every two or three weeks and a face-to-face say every three months.

  • Some small business owners are extremely busy (restaurant owners, dentists, chiropractors, etc) and do not have time for a sit-down or a phone call.  In that case, an email would probably work best.  It is your business, let the LGWD know what type of communication best fits your needs.

8.  What are their fees and payment terms?

  • You need to know how much this is going to cost your business and how you are to pay. Most LGWD utilize platforms like PayPal or Stripe.  They should know how to set your business up for auto-pay with a 6 month cap.  After that, monthly pricing will be re-negotiated depending on the amount of business the website is generating.

  • The monthly rental generally ranges between $250 to $500 a month on the lower end and $2,500 to $3,000 a month on the higher end.  A common range is more or less $300 per month (best deal).  

9.  Other questions to ask is how are you invoiced? 

  • Do you pay in advance?  Most LGWDs charge by the month and usually have your credit card on auto-pay.  This eliminates the need to track you down or have the LGWD “freeze” your links and citations for non-payment.  There is usually a contract for a specific amount of time.

  • The length of a contract depends on what is being done.  If the LGWD is hired to optimize your existing business website, a one-time, slightly higher fee (usually $2500), will probably be charged.  This will get your site optimized to the max with everything the lead generation sites have.

  • If renting a site, there will probably be a non-cancellation clause in the contract.  This is to protect the LGWD from committing their staff, only to have you change your mind.  If there is early termination clause, make sure you know how much it will cost to do so and what is the time limit (e.g. the first 30 days, etc.).

10.  What happens when the contract is over?

  • If you're utilizing the LGWD to fix your existing website, you still maintain ownership of all of the optimized web content, backlinks, citations, etc. that you paid the LGWD to provide. 

  • Always make sure the contract states that when your commitment is finished, LGWDs will not change, remove, modify or optimized any content and they will show you or your administrator how to change the username and password.  Your LGWD should turn over all your new usernames and passwords (if applicable).


       Whether you choose to "rent" a website or optimize an existing one, a good LGWD should offer both to you, without

       pressure.  It's your choice which way to go. 

If they are optimizing your existing website, they should know how to:

  • add content that is keyword rich
  • get 50-100 LOCALbusiness citations
  • backlinks from like businesses that are legitimate
  • have at least 30 keyword rich photos to use on your site
  • have at least two videos for your site with long tail keywords on YouTube
  • Place ads on Facebook
  • Use Google AdWords
  • Know what the keywords are that your competition is using & how to out-do them

At Rapid Media Solutions, we can do it all.