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 Set-Up Fees and Monthly Service Charges  

At Rapid Media Solutions, we make sure that you get the best of the best, but at a good price.  Some of the items we utilize your set-up fee to pay are:

  • the company that does the local business citations
  • our employees that handle the postings and tweets
  • for the video(s) to be made and posted
  • for the purchase of needed photos for your site and GMB and Bing Places
  • for the time and effort to put the whole package together

If you've purchased our SEO package or rented one of our Lead-Gen sites, there is a monthly service fee.

Monthly service fees are exactly for that.  To pay to maintain the local business citations, posts, fan pages, tweets, new videos, etc.

Neither Google nor Bing like sites that suddenly appear with all the bells and whistles, links, citations, social media, etc.  In some cases, Google will shut the website down and require a lot of paperwork and job photos to re-establish the connection, which can take months.  That's months of lost revenue.

Building your website and getting you to page 1 is like building a house.  You have to build the foundation first (basic website, Google My Business & Bing Places).  Then you frame out the house (photos, videos, content & citations).  Next, you frame out the inside, add the doors and windows (social media, press releases).  Then the roof (backlinks, both internal and external).  Painting (all the links going to and from your website and all your social media). And finally, furnishing your house (monitoring, adding PayPal or Stripe, and any other extra that is needed). 

                            At Rapid Media Solutions we “drip” all the items covered in SEO, over a period of

                            3 – 6 months.  During this period, you will see your website rise in the rankings.  Unless

                            you’re going up against some huge conglomerate or a website that has time-in-grade,

                            you should find your business website somewhere on page 1 by the end of your contract.

                            Google would much rather give a local business those ranking spots than big companies

                            like Home Adviser, Yellow Pages, any ads, etc.

So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get to work!!!