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My previous employer didn't have formal training on computers so there I was, teaching myself programs like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.  Wow!  I liked this!  As Social Media emerged, I was right there with my own personal pages and I started helping other employees to set up their own pages.  I started an "unofficial" business.  I was only charging $50 to do this work.  At that time, I also joined several networking groups.  My 30-second "elevator" pitches let everyone know that I knew how to build websites and set up Social Medias (at least most of them) and before I knew it, I kept getting asked how much I would charge to do the same for them (other small businesses). They all wanted my "expertise" to help them get their businesses on the web, with Facebook, YouTube, etc. so they could be found when someone did a search. 

In no time, two clients grew to four. Then more and even more wanted to get on board.  I came up with a price for my services.  Now I was really getting paid for my time and knowledge! Little by little, I added Twitter, LinkedIn, fixing their websites (or creating them if they didn't have one), taking pictures and more.  But soon, not long after that, I realized that I was severely undercharging.  The one-time-fee wasn't enough to cover all the add-ons, the outsourcing, and extras that they wanted and I was providing. 

So Rapid Media Solutions, LLC was created.  I had tweaked and re-tweaked my own business to where I was receiving monthly residuals from all the businesses I was helping and they were happy to pay.  I truly became an "expert" simply by doing over and over again.  By researching and asking a lot of questions.  My business grew exponentially.  

In 2013, I decided to retire from my day job and take my business to the next level.  After many a trial and error (a lot of errors), I found that there were literally thousands of businesses that needed what Rapid Media Solutions had to offer.  Honest, ethical work for a good price.  No, we didn't take on thousands of clients, but the ones we did take on as clients got the best of the best.  They also received the knowledge that Rapid Media Solutions is part of an exclusive group of like-minded people and we don't play games.  Our philosophy is not to have two competing businesses, within 25 miles, getting our expertise, even if that means taking down our own sites.  This has served us and our clients very well.

Many Thanks and Well Wishes for Your Business Endeavors,

Jennefer Resko